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BMT Commodity Corporation is the largest importer and distributor of jute products in North and South America. BMT specializes in worldwide sourcing and delivery of hessian cloth (burlap), bags, and webbing for agribusiness and industry. In addition, BMT markets jute carpet backing cloth and yarn through its Delca International Division.

Through their extensive network of marketing and communications, our trading professionals are able to meet the needs of burlap bag and carpet manufacturers and distributors, garden and nursery suppliers, and companies servicing industrial and environmental markets.

Jute goods

- Hessian Cloth (burlap): 5oz. to 12 oz.; 27 to 180 inches wide; packed in 250 to 4000 yard bales or put up on 100 to 2000 yard rolls

- Hessian Bags and Sacking: all sizes, weights, and packing; with/without printing, tie strings, and polyethylene liners; herakles or chain stitch sewn; turned/unturned

- Specialty Products: Decorative hessian cloth; dyed and treated (fire retardant, and/or water repellent) burlap; nursery squares/liners, plain or treated; jute and cotton canvas sheets and hampers, plain or treated

- Soil erosion control cloth/geotextiles both jute and coir

- Spiral sewn jute bags for covering bales of cotton

- Jute Webbing: 5 lbs. to 12 lbs.; 2 to 4 inches wide; put up on 70 yard rolls; packed 24 rolls per bale

- Jute yarn: 6 lbs. to 17 lbs.; Singles to 3 ply; cb/crm qualities; uncoated/coated

- Jute Carpet Backing Cloth: 5.5 Oz. to 9 oz.; 150 to 186 inches wide put up on 600 to 1000 yard rolls


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