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The Food Division, comprised of BMT Commodity Corp., A/T Products Corp. and BMT Weiser LLC is engaged in the importation and distribution of specialized ingredients and basic fruit components to the food industry, and selected consumer food products for supermarket distribution. The Division has an established reputation for meeting the technical and marketing needs of the food products industry. The products marketed embody the state of the art technical advances for manufacturing, quality assurance, and food safety. The majority of these products are produced from an agricultural raw material base. For more than 30 years, the Food Division has played a major role in the supply of specialty foods and ingredients to industry, offering technical marketing, market research, production, and quality assurance guidance to both suppliers and clients.

The Food Division has made innovative contributions towards the business objectives of our customers and overseas manufacturing suppliers.

For a period of thirty years, we were the exclusive USA importer/distributor of a line of fractionated vegetable fats produced by a division of a major multinational corporation. At one point, that division wished to establish its own corporate identity within the United States. A new company was formed as a subsidiary of the multinational. It was organized to work through BMT’s headquarters office. We provided the entire staffing, including a key BMT executive who functioned as that company’s Sales Director.

In a second instance, A/T Products sought after a manufacturer of a specialty dehydrated vegetable line, for which we had already developed a market. We found such a manufacturer, and assisted them in their plans for the construction of a state of the art manufacturing facility. A/T helped in the establishment of product and packaging specifications, quality assurance criteria, and the HACCP procedures that are required to effectively do business in the USA.

These examples are given to demonstrate our policy and practice to establish long-term relationships with our supplying manufacturers, for the benefit of both companies.

At present, our technical marketing scope includes:

  • Dehydrated, Spray Dried Tomato Powder produced by state of the art technology.
  • Dried Figs and Fig Paste for baking and confectionery industries.
  • Dried Apricots, Raisins, Raisin Paste and Apricot Paste.
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes, ¼”, 1/8”, 1/16” Diced, Strips, Halves.
  • Sun Dried Tomato Paste with olive oil and/or sunflower oil.
  • Consumer packed dried figs, apricots and raisins, marketed nationwide through wholesale & retail distribution channels across the United States.
  • Dry honey, molasses and malt powder, natural flavor sweeteners used throughout the food industry in place of liquid honey for ease of handling & application (for export markets).
  • Fruit Puree Concentrates, aseptically packaged.
  • Fruit/Vegetable Concentrates, shipped in drums, bins or bulk.
  • Fruit Essences, aromas and essential oils.
    • Acerola Juice Concentrate
    • Alphanso Mango Puree
    • Apple Essence
    • Aseptic Apple Juice Concentrate
    • Non-aseptic Apple Juice Concentrate
    • Apple Puree
    • Apricot Puree
    • Pear Puree
    • Peach Puree
    • Banana Puree
    • Guava Puree
    • Papaya Puree
    • Mango Puree
    • Cranberry Juice Concentrate
    • Deionized Grape Concentrate
    • Deionized Pear Concentrate
    • Deionized Apple Concentrate
    • Deionized Pineapple Concentrate
    • Elderberry Juice Concentrate
    • Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate (South Africa, Mexico or Honduras)
    • Kale Juice Concentrate
    • Lemon Juice Concentrate
    • Organic Apple Juice Concentrate
    • Organic Pear Juice Concentrate
    • Organic Grape Juice Concentrate
    • Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate
    • Organic Kale Juice Concentrate
    • Aseptic Pear Juice Concentrate
    • Non-Aseptic Pear Juice Concentrate
    • Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate
    • Frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate
    • Prune Juice Concentrate
    • Raspberry Juice Concentrate
    • Aseptic Red Grape Juice Concentrate
    • Non-aseptic Red Grape Juice Concentrate
    • Strawberry Juice Concentrate
    • Totapuri Mango Puree
    • Varietal Grape Juice Concentrates (wine varietals)
      - Chardonnay Grape Juice Concentrate
      - Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Juice Concentrate
      - Merlot Grape Juice Concentrate
    • White Grape Juice Concentrate

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