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Delca Distributors, Inc.
Food Products Distribution in Puerto Rico

Delca Distributors Inc. Puerto Rico - A prime resource for the sales, marketing and distribution of  food products  in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with emphasis on supermarkets, warehouse clubs, grocery stores, and food service operations

For more than 40 years, BMT's Delca Distributors subsidiary has enjoyed a reputation as one of the leading wholesale food distribution organizations in the Caribbean.  With central distribution facilities located in San Juan, Delca offers complete sales, merchandising & distribution coverage of the entire island of Puerto Rico. 

Access to neighboring Caribbean markets is convenient through daily transport departures from Puerto Rico.  Delca Distributors strategic product focus includes dried salted codfish, frozen seafood, cured meats, cheeses, and produce items as well as frozen and non-frozen grocery foods.   The company enjoys long standing relationships with major producers and packers worldwide. 

Delca offers complete shipping, storage, sales, marketing and distribution from our refrigerated, frozen and dry goods warehouse facilities, and has a standing policy of regularly evaluating new product lines for distribution in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Delca Distributors Product Lines

Seafood Products

  • Salt fish, including dry salted and light salted pollock and cod
  • Octopus, whole frozen, and IQF sliced, precooked
  • Squid, IQF sliced
  • Shrimp, various sizes, cooked and raw IQF
  • Other frozen seafood products

Available in different consumer sized, and institutional packaging.

Meat Products

  • Packaged pork products, hams etc.
  • Beef products

Cheese Products

  • Edam and other cheeses.

Salad Oils

  • Canola and other oils in consumer and institutional packaging.

New Products Currently Being Investigated

  • Consumer Non-alcoholic Beverages


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